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Whilst the Evo VII Extreme is a stunning car, the Extreme S goes further in every aspect and is a remarkable machine. Based on the light weight RS version of the Evo VII the Extreme S is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Capable of reaching 100mph in under 10 seconds the Extreme S is a track day lover and is engineered to produce the biggest grins anywhere. Extreme power and extreme handling, words simply do not do it enough justice.

"...as the ultimate point-to-point road weapon, it's unbeatable..."

Quick Specs


4 cylinder, turbo charged 1997cc


355bhp @ 5,676rpm


378ft/lbs @ 4,236rpm


3.8secs (estimated)

Gems re-mapable sports ECU
Sports camshafts
Switchable anti lag
Gas flowed and polished cylinder head and manifolds
Sports air induction kit
Sports exhaust catalyst
Engine sylinder block modifications
Omega competition forged precision engineered pistons
Arrow competition forged precision engineered conrods
Sports thermostat & Ralliart pressure cap
Engine roll stop mountings (Group N)
25% uprated clutch
Gear change mountings (Group N)
Competition gear ratios
AP 6 pot front calipers with 362mm diameter ventilated cross drilled discs
AP 4 pot rear calipers with ventilated cross drilled discs
Aeroquipe brake hoses
Brake master cylinder anti flex kit
Racing brake fluid
4 point detachable front seat harnesses
Extreme plaque
Extreme decals to boot / rear doors / bonnet
18" ultra light alloy wheels (reduces unsprung weight by 34%)
Tyres - 235 / 40 / 18

Xtreme UK reserve the right to alter options, specifications and equipment without prior notice.

The Evo VII Extreme S is currently the most tightly focussed Lancer that has yet roared forth from Xtreme's spotless workshops"
Japanese Performance, April 2002.

"...awesome , stump-pulling ability, which translates into a capacity for accelerating with embarrassing rapidity..."
Japanese Performance, April 2002.

"The result is frankly disturbing cross-country ability, whatever the weather."
Japanese Performance, April 2002.

"This is a car capable of achieving 100mph in less than 10 secs. It'll pelt ever onwards to 170mph"
Japanese Performance, April 2002.

Japanese Performance, April 2002 issue.
Pages 48 - 52.

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